About me

Hello, I'm a photographer from the stunning Shetland Isles, North of Scotland, UK. I've been fascinated with photography for as long as I can remember; the idea of being able to capture life in a picture has always intrigued me, and continues to do so every single time I pick up my camera.


I’m married, to Louise... a very understanding woman who gets my love of photography. I’m in my 30’s and I mainly work from my home photography studio and office. This was custom-built by myself, which involved converting the 2nd floor of our house over an 18-month period, as I said - she’s very understanding! It was more than worth the effort. For me, having a clean, organised, creative space to work and be inspired within is essential.

On this site I show some personal favourites and chosen examples of my work. You can also view some activity on Twitter.

The areas of photography I focus on are mainly studio work (I enjoy a variety of subjects such as product, object and food photography) and also the outdoors (as I equally enjoy landscape, travel and nature photography. I see this as my time to unwind, to get out of the studio into the fresh air and enjoy the world around me).

My images are frequently licensed for personal, business, editorial and commercial use across the world, please contact me should you wish to enquire about using my photography.

For those interested, I’m a Canon user and have been since my entry into photography. I currently use the Canon 5D Mark IV, which I cannot recommend highly enough. I also use various professional Canon L lenses to ensure the highest quality. I often think many put too much emphasis on what camera brand and model to go for - professional equipment doesn't automatically produce great images. This takes time, a lot of practice and much patience; far more than the camera itself it’s about us as photographers having the knowledge and passion for photography, understanding the physics of light and knowing how to bring out the best from our RAW images. Also not forgetting about enjoying it, keeping it fun and remembering the reason we started on this path in the first place.

I also use many other bits of gear and equipment, far too many to mention here, but these include Elinchrom studio lighting, modifiers and accessories, Manfrotto tripods and LEE filters. I use the latest versions of Lightroom and Photoshop to process and retouch my RAW images.

I'm fully insured; this is essential for every photographer working with clients and providing a service. I have public liability and professional indemnity insurance.

Please get in touch by visiting the Contact page, there is also the option of emailing directly, and thank you.

Shetland Isles, North of Scotland, UK