This is me

About me

Hello! I'm a photographer based in the stunning Shetland Isles, North of Scotland, UK. I've been fascinated with photography for as long as I can remember; the idea of being able to capture life in a picture has always intrigued me, and continues to do so every single time I pick up my beloved Canon 5D MK IV.

I'm currently in the process of building a professional photography studio in my own home as part of a large loft conversion and garage renovation. This is nearing completion and will be the base of my photography business, so watch this space for updates, including further info on myself, my photography plans and future projects once this is up and running.

Image Use and Ordering Prints

Images are available for personal, commercial or editorial use. If you are interested in the use of my photography please get in touch. There is also the online store coming soon should you wish to order a photographic print or limited edition.

Where is Shetland?

The Shetland Isles is the most northerly point of Scotland, UK.  

The Lonely Planet listed the Shetland Isles as one of the top 10 best regions in the world to visit by an authoritative survey, which described Shetland as the "last untamed corner of Britain".

This statement, and evaluation, couldn't be more true. Shetland is fascinating and like no other place in the world. Diverse and dynamic, the group of over 100 islands (only 15 inhabited) embrace modern society, yet passionately retain our unique cultural and natural heritage. Here, the people are charming and welcoming, making it an extremely friendly place to live and visit. Tucked away in the far north of Scotland, Shetland is a real gem in the ocean for uncovering unspoilt landscapes home to puffins, seals, otters, whales, Shetland ponies and a host of other wildlife.

The islands' location, where the North Atlantic Ocean meets with the North Sea and where different air masses collide means that, unsurprisingly, the weather can - and does - change rapidly. Don't be surprised to experience four seasons of weather in the same day!

There are many other attractions which draw people to Shetland. Not only for the history enthusiasts who dream of seeing our castles, brochs, caves, stacks and the fascinating Shetland Museum for an all-round history lesson, but for young people and families who enjoy our leisure centres, swimming pools, sandy beaches and a walk down the cobble-stoned main street through our local shops. You can also enjoy the state-of-the-art cinema and live music venue, Mareel.

For further information see shetland.org, or better still, pay us a visit! 

What is Up Helly Aa?

You may well ask, in a nutshell it's Europe's largest viking fire festival and unique to the Shetland Isles. It's steeped in culture and history that established itself on the islands' event calendar at the end of the 19th century.  Held annually on the last Tuesday in January - no matter the weather - the celebrations draw many thousands of locals and visitors from far and wide.

For further information go to the Up Helly Aa pages for a brief history and to see some photography of the spectacular event. Also please visit www.uphellyaa.org and www.uphellyaa.com for further information.